IMS Guardian Install for Boxster S


Some Boxsters and 911’s suffer from catastrophic Intermediate Shaft Bearing Failure.  This bearing, which is a ball bearing, basically comes apart, destroying the engine.   Here is a nice video showing what happens while driving.

IMS Failure Caught on Video

An explanation of the failure:

The IMS Gaurdian is installed in the oil sump.  Using a technology similar to that used in aircraft engines, the Gurdian  detects metal in the oil, and alerts the driver.  The driver should then turn the engine off and have the bearing inspected.

Here are some photos of an IMS Guardian install.

Jake Raby's IMS Guardian - a very nice kit.
Jake Raby’s IMS Guardian – a very nice kit.


IMG_0855 IMG_0864 IMG_0857 IMG_0858 IMG_0861 IMG_0862