1974 Porsche 914 in Irish Green (Irischgrün)

Luck of the Irish! The is a beautiful 1974 Porsche 914, restored and modified for one of our customers. Painted in the stark and gorgeous Irish Green, a color that suits this car nicely. The project included many modifications, with a performance 2056 cc fuel injected motor, backdated bumpers, suspension upgrades, LED lighting, and 5-lug conversion with real 15×6 Fuchs wheel. This 914, with it’s ceramic coated cylinder heads, Raby camshaft, is fun to drive, with looks to match!

Porsche 914 painted in Irish Green
2056 cc Performance Motor.
Restoration in progress
DJet Fuel Ijections System
Balanced Rotating Assembly
Keith Black Pistons. Biral Cylinders
Ceramic Coated Cylinder Heads.
LED Headlights for the 914. Classy yet very much improved!
Before Restoration Work