Porsche 914 Engine Rebuild Service

We offer a complete rebuild service for the Porsche 914 engine.  In its stock form, the 2.0 engine is a great engine.  It can be easily upgraded to 2056cc.  The 1.7 and 1.8 engine can also be upgraded to a 2.056 liter.

We can rebuild your engine to a longblock or perform a complete engine rebuild.

The cost to rebuild an engine can vary.  Typically, expect to pay or the order of 5K for the rebuild service, including parts and labor.

Typical rebuild specs

  • Case galley plugs removed, and machined for plugs.
  • Complete Gasket Set
  • New Main, Rod, and Cam bearings
  • Reconditioned or new Camshaft
  • New Pistons, Rings and Cylinders
  • New pushrod tubes
  • New Cylinder Heads – or – Cylinder Heads resurfaced, new valves, new valve guides and seats
  • New Cylinder Head temperature sensor
  • New Oil Pressure Switch