Porsche Myths That Won't Die: Part I — Origin of the 914

Porsche Myths That Won’t Die: Part I — Origin of the 914

Porsche Macan Turbo - Beside WW2 Bunker in Germany

The Porsche Macan Turbo – On the streets in Bremen.

The concrete structure covered with ivy is an air raid bunker from the Second World War.

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Vielen Dank Andreas

50th Anniversary Edition 911

With Porsche, it is as much a religion as it is a sports car. With that said, I really admire the 50th anniversary edition of the 911. As shown in this video, Porsche has brought back in certain classic elements, just for this anniversary edition which will be limited to 1963 cars. The rebooted Fuchs wheels which speak “Porsche” just by their appearance. The chrome elements, seat upholstery and other details make a good looking car look like a work of art. However, my religious devotion to this car prompts me to ask – why not make them all that way? The 50th ann. edition should be the standard edition! These elements are retro, modern, and classic all at the same time. The only thing it lacks is the whirl of an air-cooled six.


911 50th Anniversary Edition _6_

New 2014 911s on the Autobahn

The Big Farm is fully operational.

The Big Farm is fully operational.

Nice 550


A very nice 550 replica was at VOSA Club’s Oktoberfest Carshow.