About Us


Since 1980, Thomas P. Otten has been involved in one form or another with German cars.  Working after school in a VW repair shop, he learned the basics, from oil changes then on to engine tear-downs.  Enamored by Karmann Gias, Porsche 911’s and 914’s, what impressed him most was the design.  The drive comes from his father, who imigrated to the U.S. from Germany in the 1960’s and was involved with VW/Porsche repair in Germany and in the United States.

Since 2006 Über-Werks was formed first as a hobby, then started offering restoration services, and also offering restored vehicles for sale.

Restoration Services

  • Full restoration services for German cars
  • Engine Rebuild Services
  • Paint and Body Repair

The USA-Germany Connection

We offer assistance in the purchasing of vehicles in the USA for citizens of Germany.  We can also assist USA customers with acquisition of parts from Germany.

Engineering Services

Thomas P. Otten is a licensed Professional Engineer.  He offers engineering services in areas of mechanical and electrical engineering.  He is also trained as a software specialist, adept in several programming languages.