Virtual Pre-Purchase Inspection, Value, and Consultation Services

Perfection is possible for any 914, but some cars need more work than others!

Do you have a Porsche 914 project that you need some expert advice on?   Is there a car you are wanting to purchase that you would like an experienced person to review for you?  Do you wish to know the value of your 914?  The prices of 914’s have been rising, but there is the possibility of paying too much.  Having worked as a forensic engineer, photo analysis can reveal a great deal, especially if you have the experience and know what to look for.

With the use of photos, video and the telephone, I can provide for you the necessary wisdom of my experience to help you decide the level of complexity of the restoration, and the number of hours and money you will likely spend.

Send an email and I can setup a consultation.


Phone consultation is offered at a rate of $50 for a 30 minute consultation.  If you have photos we can discuss online content over the phone.

A virtual online inspection report can be made from existing or requested photos indicating problems seen in photos, and possible questions to ask, and things you will want to be aware of.  Any documentation available will be reviewed as well. The report will be placed online for you and invited parties to review.  This will give you the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision that can save you thousands of dollars, and give you the knowledge to make an informed offer on the vehicle you are interested in. The price for the full service is $225.  This includes a 30 minute phone call if desired.  Additional vehicles will be reviewed at a discounted rate.  The report can usually be finished in 24 hours.

The consultation and services offered on this page is not a garantee or warranty of any kind.  It is a tool to better inform the owner or future owner of the condition of the vehicle from what can be assertained from photos and information available, and can be used to help evaluation the value of the vehicle.